29 Danish swimmers selected for the Herning 2013 European Short Course Championships

After the final night of finals at the Danish Short Course Championships 2013, Danish Swimming’s Sports Director Mikkel von Seelen announced the squad for Herning 2013, including all 28 that qualified for individual events, plus Danish record setting breaststroke Mathias Andersen who has been selected to strengthen the (medley) relays. See svoem.org


(The Danish Herning 2013 squad. Missing swimmers are as far as I can see Mads Glæsner who has left for USA, and Lotte Friis who cancelled the finals tonight because of jetlag-related illness)

The 29 swimmers are:


  • Lotte Friis, Sigma Swim Allerød/USA
  • Jeanette Ottesen Gray, Lyngby/NTC
  • Rikke Møller Pedersen, Herning/NTC
  • Pernille Blume, Sigma Swim Birkerød/NTC
  • Mie Ø. Nielsen, Aalborg
  • Kelly Riber Rasmussen, Lyngby/NTC
  • Julie Levisen, Aalborg
  • Julie Aglund Lauridsen, Sigma Swim Allerød/NTC
  • Sidse Kehlet, Esbjerg
  • Julie Leth-Espensen, Lyngby
  • Katrine Holm Sørensen, Esbjerg/NTC
  • Louise B. Dalgaard, Aalborg
  • Line Jørgensen Bruun, Aalborg
  • Julie Brøndum Petersen, Kvik Kastrup
  • Christina Munkholm, Køge
  • Sarah Bro, Lyngby/NTC


  • Mads Glæsner, Sigma Swim Allerød/USA
  • Anton Ørskov Ipsen, Sigma Swim Birkerød
  • Viktor B. Bromer, Aalborg
  • Daniel Skaaning, STT/VAT CPH/NTC
  • Chris Christensen, Holstebro
  • Frans Johannessen, Esbjerg
  • Magnus Jakupsson, Sigma Swim Allerød
  • Niklas Hedegaard, Farum
  • Daniel Steen Andersen, Horsens/NTC
  • Andreas Schiellerup, Sigma Swim Birkerød
  • Magnus Westermann, Herlev
  • Emil Klingberg, Kvik Kastrup
  • Mathias Andersen, Hillerød


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