Leaner meaner Aussie swim team; Hackett to be involved

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The tough love required after the London Olympics has honed Australia into a leaner, meaner swimming outfit for July’s world titles in Barcelona, new team boss Michael Scott believes. […]

In one of his last acts before he resigned, ex-head coach Leigh Nugent set the qualifying standard at times required to reach 2011 world championship finals.

It ensured a 36-strong team was unveiled on Friday night – 10 less than the much maligned London outfit which produced just one gold, their worst Olympic pool tally in 20 years.

And it was the smallest since a 38-strong 2005 worlds squad was named for Montreal.

“I would be confident in saying the individual time standards to make this team were probably the toughest in the world,” Scott said. […]

They will travel to Canberra on Saturday for a week-long camp where a leadership group will be selected.

Scott said ex-skipper Grant Hackett would be involved.


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