Jeanette Ottesen Gray out 4-6 weeks with a broken toe

Danish 100 freestyle World Champion Jeanette Ottesen Gray is partially sidelined 4-6 weeks thanks to a broken toe, that she got from trying out martial arts. Read (in Danish):

– ‘This Christmas I did Jiu Jitsu as alternative training. I was up against a man whom I was actually stronger. Then he grabbed my toe and broke it.’

She cannot kick with that leg now, cannot run and has trouble walking. Exercise is limited to dryland and swimming using only her good leg for at least 4 weeks. also quotes her for having decided not to both defend her 100 freestyle world championships crown and swim the 50 butterfly this summer, since those two events land on the same date.

– ‘I’ve decided not to do as I usually do and compete in both events. But a lot depends on how good a shape I will be in.’

Jeanette Ottesen zoning out at Szczecin 2011


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