Fjord and Cove Swimming in Montenegro

Strel Swimming Adventures has opened a new swimming holiday destination for the coming year. Montenegro offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the Mediterranean, along the Adriatic coast between Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Kosovo. In the 1990s it was caught in the brutal wars in the Balkan which horrified the world as it played out on our TV screens, but now the mild Mediterranean climate offers long hot summers and a great place for swimming adventure.

Montenegro Adriatic Sea Swimming Holiday Tour from Strel Swimming Adventure Holiday on Vimeo.

Their one week long swim trek takes you swimming through the stunning fjord bays of Kotor and Tivat and hopping from one cove to another in the crystal-clear waters along the Adriatic coast. Tour appeals to all levels of swimmers interested in unique fjord and sea swimming adventures combined with some walks through historical towns and islands in the warm Mediterranean climate.

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(Photos courtesy of Borut Strel / Strel-swimming)


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    Beautiful and adventurous!

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