An open letter to Eurosport

As our coach put it, when we were not watching the women’s 100 meter breaststroke final on TV at the team hotel: ‘I hope these are the snooker Olympics, since they are showing them non-live, rather than the swimming World Champs live’ :-/

Dear Eurosport,

I hope you’re well. There’s been a world swimming championships going on these past few days. I say that in case you’ve not noticed; a glance at your schedules this weekend would suggest you forgot all about it. After all, while the swimmers were racing in Istanbul, we were treated to replays and delayed coverage of cross-country skiing, luge and ski jumping.

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3 responses to “An open letter to Eurosport”

  1. @swimmersdaily thanks for sharing :)

    1. swimmersdaily Avatar

      @pullbuoy No problem, we totally agree on that subject ! :-)

  2. I heard Drew Carey and James (?) Friday morning saying that Eurosport were going to cut the swimming short to show alpine skiing that was being cancelled because of too much wet snow. After a commercial break the commentator at the ski resort just repeated that the skiing was cancelled – but they didn’t switched back to swimming. What the h*ll? Of course the switch happened right before Pál Joensen’s 400 freestyle heat.

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