Wildeboer now Danish NTC coach, national coach to be named later

As mentioned in May, the Danish Swimming Federation made a new 4-year contract with national coach Paulus Wildeboer, to (on his request) be ‘only’ head coach of the National Training Center (NTC), while another person would be appointed national head coach. Yesterday, the Danish Swimming Federation announced that until there is a solution to the national head coach challenge, that position will be handled by director Pia Holmen Christensen and newly appointed sports director Mikkel von Seelen.


The Danish NTC team is listed as follows:

  • Lotte Friis, Sigma Swim Allerød, will start training in Nice, France, this autumn
  • Jeanette Ottesen, Kvik Kastrup
  • Pernille Blume, Sigma Swim Birkerød, will start training in Nice, France, this autumn
  • Rikke Møller Pedersen, Frem Odense
  • Kelly Riber Rasmussen, Lyngby Svømmeklub
  • Julie Aglund Lauridsen, Sigma Swim Allerød
  • Sarah Bro, Sigma Swim Allerød
  • Katrine Holm Sørensen, Esbjerg Svømmeklub
  • Martin Mathiesen, Hillerød Svømmeklub
  • Pál Joensen, Aalborg Svømmeklub / Faroe Islands


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