Sander Smørdal joins Speed Endurance, first post is about Scandinavia at London 2012

Excellent news, Norwegian swimmer/blogger Sander E. Smørdal has been added as author to the Speed Endurance Swimming Blog, his first post there is an interesting recap of “London 2012 – The Scandinavian Story“. Sander also publishes the Norwegian part of, as well as working for TV2 in Norway, but now you’ll get it in English too ! :-)

“For the Nordic countries in general the London Olympic Games was a giant let down. Following great expectations, the Scandinavians as a whole delivered no medals, and for Norway: not even a semi final.”

Sander at the MU 2012 in Klaksvík, Faroe Islands, substituting as coach for Jón Bjarnason at SuSvim


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