ContourROAM2 is a Waterproof, Wearable Camera at $199

The folks over at Contour have a brand new waterproof, wearable, FOV camera coming to market. It’s the CountourROAM2, and it’s designed as an entry level alternative to the Countour+2. At $199, this matches the price of similar products and offers a few things that some don’t, including an instant-on record switch – you don’t have to boot the camera up, just hit the switch and begin recording. See Steve’s Digicams


One response to “ContourROAM2 is a Waterproof, Wearable Camera at $199”

  1. nicolejimenez Avatar

    I just bought an action camera from, the camera that they offer are much more affordable that  this one well they are not waterproof but there are some cases that you could buy that are waterproof.

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