See all FINA 2012 World Cup final sessions LIVE on FINA TV and your iPhone/iPad

Great news for especially iOS users, all 16 FINA / Arena 2012 World Cup final sessions will be streamed live on FINA TV, starting with the Dubai leg on Tuesday 2 October and ending in Singapore on Sunday 11 November, available also on your iPhone/iPad by using the free Live+ app from Digotel, with live timing service on Omega Timing. The schedule warns that ‘geographic restrictions may apply due to broadcasting rights’, and they’ll probably again this year delay the sessions until after the 800/1500, but it is sure better than nothing :-)

I’m working on preparing our LIVE page with all relevant links

The FINA/ARENA Swimming World Cup 2012 will take place in the following cities:

  • 2-3 Oct 2012 – Dubai (UAE)
  • 6-7 Oct 2012 – Doha (QAT)
  • 13-14 Oct 2012 – Stockholm (SWE)
  • 17-18 Oct 2012 – Moscow (RUS)
  • 20-21 Oct 2012 – Berlin (GER)
  • 2-3 Nov 2012 – Beijing (CHN)
  • 6-7 Nov 2012 – Tokyo (JPN)
  • 10-11 Nov 2012 – Singapore (SIN)


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