Antwerp 2012 day 1: Russia leads the medal table

After this first day of the Antwerp 2012 European Junior Championships, Russia leads the medal table with 2 gold medals ahead of Germany’s 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze, and Spain’s 1 gold and 1 silver. Italy’s Gabriele Detti won the boys’ 400 freestyle in 3:49.27, arguably the best performance of the day, while Spain’s Maria Vilas Vidal hauled most medals by securing both medals that her country won.

Leifi og PH í Antwerpen

Girls 50 breaststroke

Young Margarethe Hummel (GER, born 1997 against girls born 1996) was favorite with an entry time of 31.91 ahead of Anna Stankovics (HUN) in 32.02 and Julia Willers (GER) in 32.28. Sophie Tyler (GBR) clocked the best time in the prelims (32.07) and semifinal (31.71) before Hummel hit hard in the final with a time of 31.55 and 842 FINA points ahead of Taylor in 31.76 and Sztankovics in 31.98.

Boys 50 butterfly

Croatia’s Mihael Vukic was clear favorite with an entry time of 23.90 ahead of Tom Kremer (ISR) in 24.20 and Benjamin Proud (GBR) in 24.23. Russia’s Aleksandr Popkov clocked the best prelim time of 24.23 before Vukic took control by clocking the only sub-24 results in the event, 23.99 in the semifinal and 23.96 (820 FINA points) in the final ahead of Proud in 24.11 and Maximilian Oswald (GER) in 24.21.

Girls 400 IM

Ukraine’s Iryna Glavnyk was favorite in 4.48.49 ahead of Maria Vilas Vidal (ESP) in 4:48.51 and Reka Gyorgy (HUN) in 4:49.80, Vilas Vidal posting best time in the prelims with a 4:48.84 before Russia’s Iuliia Larina scorched the final in 4:44.70 and 847 FINA points ahead of Maria Vilas Vidal in 4:45.48 and Chloe Tutton (GBR) in 4:48.47, Glavnyk 4th in 4:50.22.

Boys 400 freestyle

Italy’s Garbiele Detti clearly the favorite with an entry time of 3:49.27 ahead of compatriot Andrea Mitchell D’Arrigo in 3:51.72 and Austria’s Christian Scheruebl in 3:51.75. Great Britain’s Matthew Johnson took it out hard in the final, pulling the field up until the 300-meter mark when Detti took over and won in 3:49.67 (879 FINA points), Johnson second in 3:51.04 and James Guy (GBR) third in 3:51.84. Best performance of the day, Detti’s time of 3:49.67 considering the Olympic cut was 3:48.92.

Girls 800 freestyle

Nikoleta Kiss (Hungary) the favorite with an entry time of 8:42.66 ahead of Esmee Vermeulen (NED) in 8:43.56 and Spain’s Maria Vilas Vidal in 8:44.72. Vilas Vidal showed great form by winning the event in 8:42.41 (846 FINA points), having also won silver in the 400 IM (840 FINA points), Kiss second in 8:43.03 and Hungary’s Flora Sibalin third in 8:45.00.

Boys 4×100 freestyle

Germany the favorites after posting 3:22.95 in the prelims ahead of Poland in 3:22.95 and Russia in 3:24.04. But Russia stepped up a gear and posted 3:20.82 in the final, Germany silver winners in 3:21.18 and Poland bronze winners in 3:21.96.

See all results here.


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