Sweden selects 5 more swimmers for their Olympic squad

Yesterday the Swedish Swimming Federation announced 5 more names on the Swedish London 2012 roster, Stefan Nystrand and Stina Gardell for individual swims and Michelle Coleman, Ida Marko-Varga and Gabriella Fagundez for the women’s 4×100 freestyle relay.


Swimmers selected before this were Therese Alshammar, Sarah Sjöström, Jennie Johansson and Martina Granström, and not yet selected but close Lars Frölander, Petter Stymne, Matthias Carlsson, Simon Sjödin and Joline Höstman, plus the women’s 4×100 medley and the men’s 4×100 free.

Swedish swimming guru Bosse Hultén has an interesting analysis on simma.nu/se, saying that Höstman and Sjödin should be on the team already, and a team for the women’s 4×100 medley relay, while he thinks that the men’s 4×100 freestyle are on the brink of being taken out.


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