Herbert Nitsch to attempt a world’s deepest ever 800ft (244m) freedive

Austrian airline pilot and extreme freediver Herbert Nitsch went down in history on June 14th 2007, off the Greek island of Spetses, by freediving to a depth of 700 feet (-214m), the deepest ever freedive. Now he wants to go even deeper, down to 800 ft / 244 m between 4 – 6 June 2012 in Santinori (Greece), so unique and extreme that the international Freediving Federation AIDA International has decided not to sanction this event, which means the dive won’t be eligible for AIDA records. Follow Nitsch’s dive on his blog and on deeperblue.com, now scheduled tomorrow.

According to Nitsch’s blog, his technique involves emptying his lungs into an Equex bottle at a depth of 16 meters before heading for the deep dive. This means that he is actually diving on empty lungs which is very different from the traditional breathholding technique on full lungs.


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