Grant Hackett’s father: “He is a dickhead, but I love him”

Australian media is again filled with details about the breakdown of Grant Hackett’s and Candice Alley’s marriage, the incidents at home last fall and at the Logies this spring apparently decisive for their separation. His retired policeman dad calls him a ‘dickhead’ but dismisses reports that he had thrown his wife against a window, “he may have wrecked the joint but he didn’t harm anyone.” Michael Klim also supports his former teammate, “I’ve know him for 20 years and I was probably worse than him on the drink – and I wasn’t that bad”

“He is not a violent person. He’s a very driven, goal-oriented person. I was shocked to see he had gone to that level and it was sad to see that things had broken down between he and Candice.”

In related news, Hackett has been dropped as the public face of Westpac, but remains as an employee. Read more here on Adelaide Now and here on the Herald Sun.


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