Sexually graphic emails led to firing of former UT swim coach John Trembley

Pornographic images and sexually explicit emails are to blame for the firing of the former University of Tennessee head swim coach, but no criminal charges will be made. UT record don’t make clear whether John Trembley ever acted on his online offers of sex or whether that double life extended past a few days in May and June, the whole issue sparked a complaint on December 2 that Trembley had asked former UT swimmer and double Olympic gold medal winner Melvin Stewart for a check made payable to him personally. In a response to these news, Trembley sent the following statement via his lawyer:

“For the past several years, I have been treated for depression,” Trembley wrote. “More recently I have struggled with substance abuse and addiction to fantasy communications with others through the Internet. … I continue to seek and receive treatment and have been substance- and destructive behavior-free for 2012. … I deeply regret any harm leveled on anyone. … It is a beautiful day and it is great to be alive.”

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