Anthony Ervin attempting comeback after mysterious layoff

It’s been reported he took up rock music in New York, rode motorcycles and started smoking. He auctioned the Olympic gold medal on eBay for $17,100 and gave it all to 2004 Asian tsunami relief. He simply lost the silver medal. Ervin said he hasn’t lived in the same place for longer than nine months over the last nine years. He looks nothing like the 19-year-old baby face from Sydney.

From the top down, his buzz cut’s been replaced by unsettled brown curls. He wears black Ray-Ban glasses when not goggled. The silver-looped earrings from 12 years ago are gone, but the piercings haven’t closed. And then there are the tattoos.

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  1. […] 50 freestyle, 21.60 to 21.59, Ervin having returned only last year from what sounds like a rock ‘n roll walkabout since 2003. Brushing aside other favorites like Nathan Adrian and Josh Schneider, true talent manifesting […]

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