London Olympics won’t allow sharing of photos, video or sound via social networks

Sort of mentioned here before, the London 2012 conditions for ticket holders are pretty extensive, including ban on entering the venues with food, beverages, animals, large photographic equipment, flags of countries not participating in the Olympics (there goes Merkið), musical instruments, objects bearing trademarks, large quantities of coins, lighters, refrigerators etc. Photo site PetaPixel has now noticed this section 19.6.3, banning sharing of photos, video and sound:

“Images, video and sound recordings of the Games taken by a Ticket Holder cannot be used for any purpose other than for private and domestic purposes and a Ticket Holder may not license, broadcast or publish video and/or sound recordings, including on social networking websites and the internet more generally, and may not exploit images, video and/or sound recordings for commercial purposes under any circumstances, whether on the internet or otherwise, or make them available to third parties for commercial purposes.”

'And to your right....', Olympic Park, East London

Photo courtesy of J@ck!,, CC BY 2.0


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