London data center staff to live in pods during 2012 Games

Interxion engineers test out their sleeping pods / future home

According to Wired, the newly founded British company Podtime has sold 19 futuristic sleeping pods originally intended for overworked financial staffers, airport travelers and youth hostels, to three colocation facilities including a London data center operated by Interxion, to ensure that its high service levels are continually met throughout the Olympic Games.

With the Olympics on the horizon, Interxion realised the need to take its resilience that extra mile to ensure that its facilities – and more importantly its customer’s applications – were not hindered during the Games. So as part of a number of initiatives, sleeping pods have been installed at its London data centre campus, allowing engineering staff to stay on site 24/7 should congestion on the travel and road networks become too severe, making it difficult for critical staff to travel to and from the site in a timely fashion.

(Don’t show my boss this ‘solution’, please)


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