Japanese Olympic medalists to receive big bonuses

Online stock trading company GMO Click, big sponsor of the Japanese swimming federation, announced today that it will provide Japanese gold medal swimmers in London with $366,000 (30 million yen), silver medalists $36,100 and bronze medalists $12,000, relay prizes to be divided by the four relay swimmers. The Japanese Olympic Committee separately offers $36,100 for gold, $24,100 for silver and $12,000 for bronze. And, if Kosuke Kitajima manages the unprecedented third consecutive gold medal in the men’s 100 and 200 breaststroke events, he will earn an additional $1 million. Read SwimmingWorld Magazine.


One response to “Japanese Olympic medalists to receive big bonuses”

  1. Bjarnason Avatar

    Og Pál velur at svimja fyri Danmark…. :D
    Annars spell at Dale Oen skal kosta Kitajima $1 millión ;)

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