Hackett kicked out of The Logies 2012 after-party

At the 54th Annual TV Week Logie Awards on Sunday, Grant Hackett was causing quite a “ruckus”, being told off by fellow guest after he and Foxtel presenter Shura Taft were throwing grapes at Celebrity Apprentice Lauryn Eagle in an attempt to get her attention. Fast forward to 3am, an the well-refreshed Olympian was being approached by bouncers at the complex’s Club 23 and told he should “call it a night.” Read more here on The Daily Telegraph


2 responses to “Hackett kicked out of The Logies 2012 after-party”

  1. […] is believed that Hackett and his singer-songwriter wife separated following the Logies incident in which Hackett was asked to leave the official after-party, and the other incident from six […]

  2. […] of Grant Hackett’s and Candice Alley’s marriage, the incidents at home last fall and at the Logies this spring apparently decisive for their separation. His retired policeman dad calls him a […]

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