13-year-old Kyle Chalmers 52.29 in the 100 free, has a massive kick

According to the Australian Swim Team on Facebook, a total of seven individual Australian Age records (plus relay records) have fallen at the 2012 Australian Age Championships until now, meet closing tomorrow, including 4 by the hands of 13-year-old Kyle Chalmers from Norwood South Australia. Watch him break the Boys 12-13 100 freestyle record in the video below, with a scorching 52.29 ahead of the rest in 55+ seconds. Via simma.nu/no

Skimming through the result lists, I found these age group records (all long course)

Boys 18&U

  • Southport Olympic 3:22.86 in the 4×100 freestyle
  • Southport Olympic 7:33.61 in the 4×200 freestyle

Boys 17*

  • Cameron McEvoy 22.26 in the 50 freestyle

(*Not an official age group, but starred in the results as fastest ever aged 17)

Boys 16&U

  • St Peters Western 3:30.64 in the 4×100 freestyle

Boys 14

  • Nicholas Groenewald 2:06.01 in the 200 IM
  • Nicholas Groenewald 57.56 in the 100 back
  • Damian Fyfe 55.19 in the 100 butterfly

Boys 12-13

  • Kyle Chalmers 1:57.48 in the 200 freestyle
  • Kyle Chalmers 55.93 in the 100 butterfly
  • Kyle Chalmers 52.29 in the 100 freestyle
  • Kyle Chalmers 24.00 in the 50 freestyle


One response to “13-year-old Kyle Chalmers 52.29 in the 100 free, has a massive kick”

  1. Bjarnason Avatar

    But where are the DISTANCE GUYS? And where are the girls?

    Australia is turning into sprinters heaven… for men ;)

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