Zombies, Run! will kickstart your interval training for sure

Zombies, Run! is a running game & audio adventure iOS/Android, in which you help rebuild civilisation after a zombie apocalypse by actually running in the real world. You have to collect medicine, ammo, batteries and spare parts, while on occasion being chased by zombies. Now, this could easily be modified into a “Sharks, Swim!” game, me thinks, and the interest is there … they’ve had way more pledged on Kickstarter than what they originally aimed for.


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  1. I have been training for years and have always had access to gym equipment, but I have been working abroad the last 6 months and have not been able to get to a gym, I have been doing really intense bodyweight and burpee workouts as part of my interval training, doing the prison-style descending burpee ladder, and I must say I am probably in better shape now than I have been in a long time, all thanks to the burpee and interval training.

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