Swim stars thumb down the new Speedo Fastskin3 racing system

When Australia’s best swimmers fight for Olympic selections this week, most including Leisel Jones and Libby Trickett will leave the latest in swimsuit technology on the rack, unconvinced by the Speedo Fastskin3 racing system that they helped launch last December.

The new suits have proved most problematic for females, who have complained of struggling to squeeze their behinds into the high-tech costumes, only to find them too baggy around the waist. In the models the Fastskin3 was designed to supersede, there was more compression around the abdominals, but now the bracing is under the bust and legs, which hasn’t proved a hit.

Male swimmers have their misgivings too, as Eamon Sullivan for instance has made known to some in the industry that he thinks the crutch in the trunks is too shorts. Others are feeling somewhat vulnerable due to the lack of a drawstring.

Australian Swimmers Association general manager Daniel Kowalski has heard the negative feedback on the suits and believes it is time to speak out.

“I think considering what is at stake, and the fact that it’s an Olympic year, it’s extremely disappointing,” the retired swimmer said.

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