Ian Thorpe 50.53 and 21st in the 100 free prelims, out of the Olympics

After a disappointing swim in the mens 100 freestyle preliminaries at the Australian Olympic Trials, it is now official that Ian Thorpe will not get to compete at the London Olympics. On a more positive note, Leisel Jones qualified with a time of 1:07.64 in the 100 breaststroke, yesterday evening, behind Leiston Pickett in 1:06.88, making Jones the first Australian swimmer ever to qualify for four Olympic Squads. Thomas Fraser-Holmes and Kenrick Monk qualified in the 200 freestyle with 1:46.88 and 1:47.16 respectively, Emily Seebohm and Belinda Hocking in the 100 backstoke with 59.28 and 59.41, and Hayden Stoeckel and Daniel Arnamnart in the mens’ 100 back with 53.98 and 54.05 respectively. Read more here and here on SwimmingWorld Magazine.


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