Fraser-Holmes and Napoleon unfazed by Thorpe

With the big moment of truth coming up, the Australian Men’s 200 freestyle prelims Friday morning, semis in the evening and then finals Saturday night, it is time for a bit of polite and respectful trash talk, from two who’ve already qualified :-)

And the 20-year-old Fraser-Holmes said he would treat 29-year-old Thorpe as simply another competitor to be beaten.

“What he’s done is incredible,” Fraser-Holmes said on Thursday.

“But no offence, that was a couple of years ago.

Fellow 200m hopeful Ryan Napoleon, 21, was similarly unfazed.

“It’s going to be good but it’s not like I’m going to be intimidated by him or anything,” Napoleon said.

“When he was in his prime, I think I was 14 … so I’m not going to be too bothered about what he was doing then, it’s all about what he’s doing now.”

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