Behold, a hamster-driven soda bottle submarine

Another technological feat of mankind, this functional hamster wheel powered “HPS Hamstar” submarine made out of a 3-liter soda bottle. Project page is here, with photos and stuff so that you can construct one yourself, and a materials list disclosing that the biggest cost was the $12 hamster Houdina, now retired after one voyage. Via geekologie

“The major difference between steam power and hamster power is that you don’t have to shovel hamsters into a furnace. Another key difference is the smaller carbon footprint made by hamster energy than that of coal and other fossil fuels.”
~creators of HPS Hamstar


2 responses to “Behold, a hamster-driven soda bottle submarine”

  1. “…this is Hamster Sub Take 2…”

    – What happened during Hamster Sub Take 1???

  2. René Thomsen Avatar
    René Thomsen

    This is fantastic :-)

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