Geoff Huegill might wear a cap now with the Fastskin3

31-year-old champion butterflyer Geoff Huegill may change the habit of a lifetime and wear a cap in international competition, following the launch of Speedo’s new Fastskin3 “racing system” of suit, cap and goggles.

“The hardest thing with ‘fly is that as you put your head in the water, it tends to push the cap up,” he said. “But I think this system is far ahead of anything else that has been put together and I don’t think you can get the full effect if you wear the goggles without the cap. I’m going to have to do a lot of testing in training and competition to see what suits me best.”

In this article, head of Speedo’s Aqualab development laboratory Tom Waller even claims that this new system is faster than the controversial LZR polyurethane-panelled bodysuits (!)

“The system is a radically different perspective and we believe we’re the only manufacturer to have ever designed something to work in unison. Taken together this is the fastest stuff we’ve ever created”

Read The Australian. Image courtesy of Aussieswimmer.


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