Magnussen skips World Cup to keep rivals guessing

World 100-meter freestyle champion James Magnussen launched his Olympic campaign with a victory in the men’s 15-years-and-over race at a humble meet in Sydney yesterday, and revealed that he’s skipping the World Cup meets because he wants to keep his rivals guessing. Read Port Lincoln Times.

”The best thing for me at the moment is to do carnivals like this instead of the World Cup because the other guys won’t get the chance to race me or have the chance to get used to my tactics and the way I swim,” he said after clocking 49.54s in his first competitive race since Shanghai. ”Being the hunted rather than the hunter is definitely something I’m not used to but I’m still chasing that world record so, as long as I have that in front of me, I’ll keep moving forward.”

(The Morning Swim Show interviewing James Magnussen in August)


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