Jack Marriott aiming for London 2012

Following his win at the British Gas Championships in Manchester three months ago, 20-year-old Jack Marriott was invited to Loughborough University’s intensive training centre by Ben Titley who coaches Liam Tancock and Fran Halsall, while his college gave him a year out of from his engineering degree.

All to pursue the Olympic dream, that Marriott believes is a gamble for Titley, given that Marriott before joining Loughborough didn’t train much more than eight hours in the pool during term time, and even less during the holiday period.

The goal now is to qualify for the World Championships in Shanghai when he competes in the 100m butterfly at the British Gas ASA National trials in Sheffield, starting on June 14.

“If I want to compete at the Olympics, I know I have to get my times down,” Marriott added.

“But I don’t want to get my expectations up at the same time.”

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