Faroese keep on setting national records

Faroe Islands hasn’t seen the same stagnation in records now after the supersuits were banned, as most of the rest of the swimming world. Since the ban in January 2010 the Faroese swimmers have set 42 Faroese records and 127 junior records in 2010, plus Pál Joensen’s Nordic record of 14:56.90 in the 1500 meter long course, from when he won silver at the European Championships in Budapest 2010.

This year, there have set 17 more Faroese records and 37 junior records, the latest being set yesterday and this morning at the ongoing Faroese Short Course Swimming Championships in Tórshavn. There will most certainly be more records set this evening and tomorrow, during finals and the last day of the championships.

Faroese television is broadcasting the finals live, as far as I know also unlimited on www.kringvarp.fo, and we also try to have informative landing pages on www.livetiming.se and www.svimjing.com/live, embedding and linking to live timing, live streaming, live chat, etcetera.


  • Friday May 20th, Heats 10:00-13:00, Finals 18:30-2030 local time (GMT-1h)
  • Saturday May 21st, Heats 09:30-12:30, Finals 18:00-20:00 local time (GMT-1h)
  • Sunday May 22nd, Heats 09:30-12:30, Finals 17:00-19:00 local time (GMT-1h)


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