CPR is now simply Hands Only to the beat of ‘Staying Alive’

See for instance the American Heart Association and the British Heart Foundation. We have posted the Vinnie Jones video before, but it is definitely worth a re-share.

And there are other examples

And you know what? - It might even work !

A grandfather who suffered a massive heart attack on a bus has told how he was saved by a Good Samaritan – who performed CPR on him while singing Bee Gees classic ‘Stayin’ Alive’.

Retired taxi boss Terry Holly, 67, slumped to the floor of the double-decker bus in front of horrified passengers as he headed home from seeing his ex-wife.

Sharon Thorneywork realised the father-of-three’s heart had failed and remembered a TV advert telling viewers to administer CPR by pumping the chest in time to the Bee Gees’ song.


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