Lecomte demoing iPhone HUD goggles for his Longest Swim

The geek in me is very intrigued (and hopes this is for real): Atlantic Ocean swimmer Ben Lecomte demoing a Vuzix iWear-like iPhone head-up display device for his Aqua Sphere goggles, with which he will be able to read emails and watch video while swimming across the Pacific Ocean, raising funds toward cancer research in honor of his father. There is a waterproofing challenge to be met … may I suggest the NeverWet™ spray?

2 thoughts on “Lecomte demoing iPhone HUD goggles for his Longest Swim”

  1. Thank you for your continued interest and support for the work that we are doing. It has many challenges and hurdles to overcome. However, the challenges and hurdles add a lot of fun to our venture to get Ben in the Pacific and focus on raising funds for cancer research.

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