ZEISS ZX1 Flow | Christina Jones

Christina Jones, Synchronized swimmer from Las Vegas

“And you just have to come up and keep smiling.” Christina Jones, born in 1987, discovered her love for water at an early age. As a synchronized swimmer, she trained hard for her dream of the Olympics and finally took the top medal with her team in two competitions in Beijing.

“Swimming is like this empty canvas where you can do whatever you want. Whenever you want.” Christina was awarded the gold medal at the 2015 Swimming World Championships in Russia, a crowning achievement in her career, together with her partner Bill May – in the first duet event in the history of synchronized swimming.

“You must trust the water. The second you do it supports you…” Parallel to her swimming career, Christina completed a journalism degree finishing magna cum laude and has since worked successfully not only as a synchronized swimmer but also as a TV commentator. Currently, she performs several times a week in one of the most successful water acrobatics shows on the Las Vegas Strip.

“And once you’re in that zone it’s something you don’t want to let go of…” In her film, Christina tells us how she experiences her creative flow: how she develops completely detached and weightless acrobatic movements to express her experiences and her personality.

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