Paralysed Man Saves Swimmer At Same Place He Injured Himself Years Earlier

A disabled man threw himself in the water from a pier to save the life of another man, while he was filming a documentary about how he became paralysed by throwing himself off the same pier.

You couldn’t make it up.

Nikita Vankov, who is a licensed paradiver, was up on the pier in the Russian town of Anapa when he spotted two people in the sea trying to help an ailing man out of the water on 6 October.

Being a paradiver, he decided to help out, so without hesitation he cast himself out of the wheelchair and into the water to aid the effort to rescue the stricken swimmer.

He began by shouting some instructions to the two people in the water, but when it became clear that it wasn’t going to work, he undressed himself and diving into the Black Sea.

Incidentally, Mr Vankov is Russia’s first certified paradiver and swims and dives for a living.

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