10 Gorgeous Swimming Pools Around the World


With summer rolling around, all you want to do is chill by a gorgeous pool with a cocktail in hand. The only challenge is figuring out where the best pools are located around the world. Needless to say, global high-end hotels are viciously competing to come up with new and interesting swimming pools to attract guests and tourists; so there is plenty for you to choose from. Here is a list of the top 10 spectacular pools that you wouldn’t want to miss when you drop by with your significant other.

 1. The Tank

Boasting one of the most special swimming pools in the world, the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas provides you with an experience like no other. Famously named as The Tank, there is a three-story high water slide installed that brings guests through a giant shark tank, giving you the chance to come up close and personal with them while gliding through the water slide. The shark tank houses about 300 marine wildlife, including intimidating sharks and graceful stingrays. Visitors who do not enjoy slides can opt to swim at the lowest level surrounded by the shark tank, providing you with the same eye-opening shark experience.

2. Perivolas Hotel Infinity Pool

Situated in Santorini, Greece, the Perivolas Hotel offers a stunning infinity pool overlooking a picturesque view of the beauteous Aegean Sea. The architecture that surrounds the pool is in shades of white, giving you a modern and chic vibe that Santorini is known for. What’s more, the infinity pool gives you the illusion of extending into the turquoise waters of the sea, providing a calming and tranquil spot for guests to collect their thoughts and enjoy a leisure swim.

3. Six Senses Yao Noi Pool

Located in Thailand, the Six Senses boutique resort offers the utmost private experience as each affluent villa or suite is equipped with its own infinity pool. Some of it even comes with private decks that offer calming spa treatments for guests. The infinity pool overlooks the gorgeous waves of Phang Nga Bay, and the pristine white beaches at the foot of the hotel. This is truly an experience that you won’t want to miss!

4. Gellert Baths

Budapest, also known as the City of Spas, is known for its Gellert Baths that can be found in the breathtaking Gellert Hotel. It features 10 pools of varying sizes and temperatures and is characterized by its Art Nouveau setting. Boasting its remarkable decor, it has mosaic-designed tiles for their floors and walls; allowing sunshine to shine through the stained glass windows. One of the most photo-worthy places in Hungary, the Gelert Baths host millions of visitors all year round.

5. Joule Hotel Pool

The elegant Joule Hotel is situated in Dallas, Texas. It offers an extraordinary infinity pool that guests can thoroughly enjoy. Situated on the 10th floor, this infinity pool extends over the border of the building, with the front wall constructed with Plexiglass. The unique design of the pool allows swimmers to feel like they are being suspended in mid-air, as they take in the wondrous views of Dallas. The poolside also offers light snacks and drinks, allowing guests to relax and chill.

6. Ubud Hanging Gardens Pools

The Ubud Hanging Gardens Luxury Hotel and Spa are found in Bali and feature an extremely out worldly experience for its guests. The Hotel is equipped with a stunning split-level pool that appears to suspend in the wilderness. Providing amazing views of the Pura Penataran Dalem Segara Temple and the luscious foliage of the jungle, this pool ranks as one of the top swimming pools in the world. Furthermore, each villa has its own private infinity pool installed. With a unique experience that allows you to connect with mother nature, many guests flock here all year round.

7. Four Seasons Safari Lodge Pool

Four Seasons Safari Lodge in Tanzania gives visitors the opportunity to experience what an African safari is like without having to deal with the fatigue and perspiration. This luxury hotel is situated in Serengeti and provides a free-form swimming pool with views of the watering hole and Serengeti plains. It enables guests to admire the wildlife there, like elephants and zebras; providing them with a one of a kind experience altogether.


8. Tropical Islands Resort

The Tropical Islands Resort, in Krausnick, Germany, ranks as the biggest indoor water park in the world. This unique indoor water park has a rainforest, a sandy beach, palm trees, swimming pools, and even a man-made sun! The biggest pool is about 4,400 square meters called the “Tropical Sea”, which is made to resemble the waters that you will see on a coral island. This indoor water park will make your visit an unforgettable one, allowing you to frolic in the coral waters while basking in the sun.

9. San Alfonso del Mar

A spectacular pool that is currently acknowledged by the Guinness Records for being the biggest crystalline pool globally, it can be found at the San Alfonso del Mar Resort at Algarrobo, Chile. Its size exceeds 900 meters in length and is located on an actual beach just a stone’s throw away from the resort. It boasts of its pristine turquoise waters resembling the sea, as the hotel uses a special technology in order to achieve such uncanniness. Its large area allows for some water fun such as scuba diving, sailing, and kayaking; allowing guests to enjoy swimming in a safer and cleaner environment, compared to the natural seawaters.

10. Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool

Located on the little red dot on the map, Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands Infinity pool sits on the 57th floor of the hotel at the border of Marina Bay Sand’s Sky Park. Spanning over 500 feet, it offers a view of Singapore’s Central Business District that is out of this world. Ranking as the biggest pool at such a high point in the world, its pool gives the surreal experience of being literally at the end of the building. What’s more, this hotel boasts of its popularity among Singaporeans as well as travelers from all over the world.

Not sure where to go for your next vacation? Hopefully one of these spectacular and unique swimming pools has managed to catch your eye. These are especially perfect for a couple’s getaway, and if you are dating an Aries man, these exciting pools will definitely not bore him! Read more on how to tell if an Aries man loves you here https://www.heraspiration.com/signs-an-aries-man-is-in-love-with-you/.

Guest post by Zoey White

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