5 Tips For Swimmers To Get Their Pool Ready For Summer


Summer means different things to different people, and for swimmers, ponds and oceans characterize the season. Who doesn’t look forward to summer?

After a cold winter, it’s time for bathing suit shopping and reopening the pool for all forms of relaxation. For the love of health, and your pool read on to know how to prepare the pool for summer.

1. Get some pool toys

Think of all the people you are likely to invite to your pool. Consider factors like their age, personalities, and hobbies. What kind of pool toys would they like?

The idea is to make every experience by the pool as refreshing as possible. Hence you can get different kinds of floaters, handball and basketball equipment, and a couple of magazines for book worms.

Swimming pool toys enhance its beauty as well as diversifying the activities swimmers can engage in by the pool.

2. Prep your pool

To “prep” your pool refers to cleaning and treating the water so that those using it can be safe and healthy. During winter water ponds gather lots of leaves, algae, and rubble. The unclean water can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Therefore, once you remove the cover, it is time to clean it up. Vacuum and brush the pond a couple of times before you dive in. Ensure that it’s as clean as possible. It’s also crucial that you take samples of the water to professionals for testing.

Feel free to ask those around you for their opinions regarding the cleanliness of the pool and its environment.

3. Pre summer to-do list

You look forward to spending as much time as possible in the water so there are some activities that you ought to do before summer.

  1. Buying pool toys. You have read about this in the first point.
  2. Buy, test, and repair pool equipment in time always.
    Imagine a situation where you realize the heater or robot cleaner is not working a few hours to the party. You call every specialist with reach, but none can get the job done in time. What do you do?
    Everyone looks forward to opening their water ponds for summer; thus, you don’t want any machine to derail your plans. So you should test the tools a few days to summer.
    As part of the pre-summer to-do list, check the ladder, filter, benches, and fences around your pool area.
  3. Pool cleaning schedule.
    You already know that during summer you will be cleaning the water pond often. You can choose to engage a cleaning company or do it yourself.  However, pool cleaning can be fun and easy if you get members of your household involved.
    Think of all the close friends and family that will spend their afternoons by the pool. Draw a schedule, and let everyone know their pool cleaning time. That way you won’t get exhausted doing everything by yourself.
  4. Get the towels ready. Isn’t that obvious?

4. Refill your pool

You can only do this if the water level has fallen, or if you had to drain the water for repairs. Experts advise that in case you need a refill, do so before you test and treat the water.

5. Get some recipes for pool treats

Nothing beats a sweet cocktail or lemonade in the course of a swimming session. There are tones of recipes you can download online. Get some of your best recipes and spice your pool time.


Following the right procedure of opening the pool is right for the swimmer’s health and safety. Everybody looks forward to an unforgettable summer which can easily be ruined by a dirty swimming pool.

Guest post by Tom Peterson

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Production engineer and certified swim coach. Full-time IT consultant, spare-time swimming aficionado. 2 sons, 2 daughters and a wife. President of the Faroe Islands Swimming Association. Likes to run :-)

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