Hannah Miley spends 12 hours a day in oxygen tent


Had anyone else been involved, it might have all seemed a little surreal. Sitting in a roomful of swimmers, who have all been selected to represent Scotland at Gold Coast 2018, there is a group of journalists set slightly apart, all gathered around a mini tablet, conducting an interview via skype with someone sitting in their bedroom over a hundred miles away.

But the person holding court is Hannah Miley, and she has never been one to conform to the norm, not if she thinks it will help her development.

She could have made the trip down from Inverurie to Stirling for the Team Scotland announcement and photo-call but that would have disrupted not only her training but also her recovery, which she is hoping will be aided by camping out in an oxygen tent.

So, instead, there she is, sitting on her bed, enclosed in a shelter, talking about the number of books she is looking forward to getting through and laughing about how the 12-hours-per-day camping sessions get her out of washing-up duties.

Allowed out for breakfast and training, she will eat lunch and dinner in the makeshift accommodation, and she will sleep in there but, still smiling, she says that at the end of it, she will hopefully be in even better shape to tackle the challenge of becoming the first Scot ever to win three gold medals in the same Commonwealth event at three successive games.

“I have done it before, it is to simulate being at altitude. I am going to be in it for like 12 hours plus a day which is going to be quite tricky, but it is just another crazy bit to add to training. I am not normal!

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