Speedo hopes to build global swim movement in first TV campaign in over a decade

Speedo is pioneering a global swim movement for its latest campaign ‘Speedo Fit’, hoping to bring swimming into fitness routines around the world in its first TV campaign in over a decade.

The campaign has launched in over 50 markets globally. It is aimed specifically at the fitness enthusiast market, to encourage people to challenge the regime, with the brand message: ‘The most powerful thing you can do to your routine is to change it’.

The campaign ‘There’s fit and there’s Speedo fit’ features and champions other sports, to demonstrate how swimming can complement and improve fitness and training. It challenges people to question their current fitness regime and bring swimming into it, by advocating how sports can work together.

Speedo courted ad agency iris, which recently launched the Team Speedo ‘Winning Elements’ campaign, to elevate the reputation of the sport.

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