Danes launch national Kicking Performance Ranking


Read the interview with Danish national coach Dean Boles here on svoem.dk (mostly in English)

What is the idea behind the Kicking Performance Ranking?

– My belief is to do an inventory (opgørelse, red.) of strengths and weaknesses – I have observed that many programs don’t value kicking an important ingredient for world class swimming and in particular here in Denmark (it is prevalent (almindeligt, red.) in North America, and my years with Canadian Swimming was to influence and improve the level of kicking – I believe the impact has been realized as the Canadian Junior program is making good progress and feeding the Senior Team). I did much of the kicking influence through camps I conducted over 6 years, so not really knowing how things worked here in Denmark I thought I would convey a template (udforme en skabelon, red.) and a bit of a nudge to get on to it, and what a better way to motivate than create a national ranking?

– That is one of many positive things here in Denmark: It is possible to move or shift toward improvement because of its size and the close knit coaching group. After discussions with my colleagues in the Federation I decided to shoot for the ranking of the 50 and 200 meter kick – the 50 to recognize speed and seeing the preference to short distance swimming here in Denmark. But we can’t hang our hat on the short stuff, we must build the endurance side of the equation as well, since there is only one 50 meter event at the Olympics but 10 other individual events which are 100m and higher.

How does it work, and how do you “sign up” to get a time on the ranking (if you are fast enough)?

– It’s pretty easy to sign up and see the ranking – go to the svoem.org website, look for the new tab where we have created a “coach’s tool box” or this link both English and Danish:

Danish: http://www.svoem.org/Discipliner/Svoemning/Talentudvikling/Traenervaerktoejskasse/
English: http://www.svoem.org/Discipliner/Svoemning/Talentudvikling/Traenervaerktoejskasse/Coaches-tool-box/

– Follow the instructions, some basic rules in how to keep a relatively level playing field – and go create sets with a fast 50 timed kick and or 200 timed kick – so not to interfere or take away from the practice.

Where does the idea come from?

– The idea came with my thinking and observation, how can I help create something to have a positive impact without being invasive in the training environment and at the same time make it competitive.

Where can we follow the rankings?

– The results will be posted on the Federation website early to mid February with a second challenge in the May/June time frame. One of my key messages and foundations in my role is to encourage and have all embrace the idea of not only improvement (individual) but also progression (swimming performance as a whole on the world level).

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