Spencer swimming team uses “Pink Out” night to help family

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of teams find different ways to promote breast cancer awareness, through pink uniforms or accessories. Spencer took it to a new level on Monday, turning a swimming pool pink for their high school swim meet.

The pool had a slightly pink hue as the “Pink Out” was held at the Spencer Family YMCA. The meet was held in honor of Spencer swimmer Cassidy Fox, who’s mother Missy is battling breast cancer.

The swimmers, who come from Spencer, Spirit Lake and Hartley, sold raffle tickets and one winner from each school was drawn to toss in the principal of their school.

All the proceeds from the event will go toward the Fox family.

“It means a lot,” said Spencer senior Taylor Sieperda. “We’ve gone to different sporting events and been there for the awareness. But now it’s personal, and so we’re really taking pride in it, and just being there for the family. It’s been really nice.”


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