iPhone goes for an 82 day swim, survives to tell the tale

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Chalk up another win for the rugged and waterproof smartphone case industry. Dave McGregor was off kayaking off the coast of Australia, cutting through the waves, riding along tides, all-in-all having a great time.

Dave likes to mount his iPhone 4 to his kayak to record some of the action and this day was no different. To protect his device, Dave used an Optrix case. Optrix makes a wide array of waterproof and high-activity minded cases that also cater to those that want to take video and pictures of their adventures.

Back to Dave’s iPhone’s story, Dave is riding a wave and gets turned over. While righting himself, his oar hits the camera mount and down goes the iPhone into the depths of the ocean. The iPhone continues to record video until the battery dies and then the device spends another 82 days in the water.


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