Danish Short Course Champs 2013 – Day 3



And exciting night of racing, producing two Danish individual records and one Danish (club) relay record. Mie Ø. Nielsen broke her own 26.96 Danish record in the 50 back with a blistering 26.84, and Mathias Andersen the 50 breaststroke record with a time of 27.54 beating Kristian Outinen’s 27.55 Danish record from 2008. Mads Glæsner and Pál Joensen battled marvelously in the 1500 freestyle, and two more swimmers made the Danish Herning 2013 team:

  • 400 free W – Line Jørgensen Bruun
  • 100 free M – Magnus Westermann


(DSSC2013 Men’s 1500 podium. Image courtesy of Jákup Jacobsen)

Men’s 1500 freestyle

The duel between Mads Glæsner and Pál Joensen was thankfully as exciting and high-classed as one could hope for. Pál pushed from the start and was 2 seconds ahead at the 1300 meters, but that wasn’t to resist Glæsner’s kick the last 200 meters. The shortest margin of victory of the night in the longest event, Mads Glæsner’s 14:41.10 to Pál Joensen’s 14:41.17. With the Danish time standard for Herning 2013 being 15:23.50, third placed Anton Ørskov Ipsen (14:53.52) gets to join Glæsner in the event there, as Joensen is on team Faroe Islands. Fourth placed Alvi Hjelm (from the Faroe Islands) took the junior title in also this event, as well as in the 800 freestyle the night before. See the result list here.

Women’s 400 freestyle

Lotte Friis was in as expected in a class of her own, clocking impressive 4:02.21 with second placed Julie Aglund Lauridsen in 4:08.44 and Line Jørgensen Bruun in 4:10.37. All three qualify for the Herning 2013 European Short Course Championships, as the time standard for that event was 4.15.20; fourth and fifth placed Maj Howardsen and Mathile Huss-Hansen also under the time standard in 4:12.20 and 4:14.52, but outside the needed medal podium places. See the result list here.

Men’s 200 butterfly

Viktor B. Bromer won as expected, and came very close to his 1:53.37 Danish record, with a time of 1:53.56 well below the Herning 2013 time standard of 1:58.53. Second placed Martin Terp Olesen and third placed Rasmus Härstedt didn’t make the Herning 2013 team in this event, with 1:59.11 and 1:59.85 respectively. See the result list here.

Women’s 100 individual medley

Katrine Holm Sørensen and Julie Levisen won gold and silver in 1:01.93 and 1:02.93 respectively, both under the Herning 2013 time standard of 1:02.72, third placed Sidse Kehlet outside in 1:03.13. See the result list here.

Men’s 100 freestyle

Magnus Westermann didn’t take any chances, despite of being able to place only third and still make the Herning 2013 team after his 48.66 in the relay the day before. A 48.44 win and Herning 2013 ticket to him, with second placed Daniel Skaaning just making the Danish time requirement of 48.82, and third placed Morten Bak Hansen outside the Herning 2013 team in this event with a time of 49.32. See the result list here.

Women’s 50 backstroke

Mie Ø. Nielsen’s possible shoulder niggle is apparently no real problem at all, as she blasted her 26.96 Danish record in this event with a time of 26.84, way ahead of second placed Cecilie Hansen in 28.09 and third placed Kristine Thomsen in 28.18. The Danish time standard for Herning 2013 was 27.91, which means only Mie will be representing Denmark in this event, but that should still make a mark. See the result list here.

Men’s 50 breaststroke

Mathias Andersen took down Kristian Outinen’s 27.55 Danish record from 2008 with a winning time of 27.54, unfortunately still just outside the 27.43 Danish time standard for Herning 2013. Silver went to Niklas Hedegaard in 27.79 and bronze to Mikkel Hounsgaard in 28.04. See the result list here.

Women’s and Men’s 4×200 freestyle

Sigma’s team of Julie Aglund Lauridsen, Pernille Blume, Maj Howardsen and Lotte Friis took down the Danish (club) record of 7:55.14, the old one Sigma’s 7:55.34 from 2009. Herlev won with a time of 7:13.57 in the men’s event, see the results lists here and here.


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