Danish Short Course Champs 2013 – Day 1



Viktor B. Bromer set a new Danish record of 1:54.86 in the 200 meter individual medley, and these swimmers qualified for the Herning 2013 European SC Championships:

  • 400 free M – Mads Glæsner, Anton Ø. Ipsen, Frans Johannesen
  • 200 IM W – Julie A. Lauridsen, Sidse Kehlet, Julie Leth-Espensen
  • 200 back M – Magnus Jákupsson
  • 200 fly W – Katrine Holm Sørensen
  • 200 IM M – Viktor B. Bromer, Daniel Skaaning, Chris Christensen
  • 50 breast W – Rikke M. Pedersen, Louise B. Dalgaard, Kelly R. Rasmussen

The Danish Swimming Federation confirms their qualification in this press release (in Danish).

Of more gossipy stuff, I’ve been told that Anders Lie had to skip the Danish SC Champs (and thus the European SC Champs on home soil) because of scholarly obligations in the US. And Mie Ø. Nielsen had a scare earlier this week, when her shoulder suddenly popped painfully during strength training. She is okay though, it seems, seen nursing her shoulder with an ice bag at these champs, but still easily clearing the Danish time standard for Herning 2013 with a time of 58.59 in the women’s 100 back prelims.

Men’s 400 freestyle

After placing second in the prelims after Pál Joensen, Mads Glæsner was a man with a mission in the final, taking the race out hard to win in impressive 3:41.81. Pál Joensen tried to hang on to second place but was overtaken by Anton Ørskov Ipsen after about 250 meters, 3:45.94 to 3:46.43, Frans Johannesen fourth in 3:48.35. Mads, Anton and Frans clearly qualified for the Herning 2013 Europeans, Pál already on the Faroese team before this meet. See the result list here.

Pál and Mads pretty beat at Istanbul 2012

Women’s 200 individual medley

Julie Leth-Espensen was the favorite on the paper, but Julie Aglund Lauridsen and Sidse Kehlet wanted it different, all racing for that spot on the Herning 2013 roster that demanded a medal and a time of 2:15.35 or better. And they did it, all three of them, Julie Aglund Lauridsen in 2:11.97, Sidse Kehlet in 2:13.95 and Julie Leth-Espensen in 2:15.09, fourth, fifth and sixth placed Line Jørgensen Bruun and Signe Tolstrup feeling the pain of making the time but not the team, in 2:15.14 and 2:15.17, respectively.

Men’s 200 backstroke

A dominating win here by Faroe born Magnus Jákupsson, taking the gold and the only spot on the Danish Herning 2013 roster in this event with a time of 1:54.90, a clear improvement of his best time from last year of 1:57.33. Anders Jensen took the silver in 1:56.87 and Mads Knoblauch the bronze in 1:58.29, the Danish cut-off time for Herning 2013 being 1:55.27. See the result list here.
Fwd: DKM 2013 myndir 3/3
(Magnus Jákupsson, photo courtesy of Jákup Jacobsen)

Women’s 200 butterfly

Katrine Holm Sørensen was the clear favorite here, and won as clearly in 2:08.58, way ahead of the Danish time standard for Herning 2013 of 2:11.20. Isabella K. Sørensen and Mathilde Pugholm Hvid were second and third in 2:11.42 and 2:11.52, only tenths of a second from that spot on the Danish European SC team. See the result list here

Men’s 200 medley

Aalborg’s Viktor B. Bromer demolished the field in a new Danish record of 1:54.86, two tenths of a second from legendary Jani Sievinen’s 1994 Nordic record of 1:54.65, the now former Danish record Chris Christensen’s 1:55.49 from 2009. Daniel Skaaning was second in 1:56.76 and Chris Christensen third in 1:56.97, both well under the Herning 2013 time standard of 1:59.58. See the result list here.

Women’s 50 breaststroke

An expected win by Rikke Møller Pedersen, 30.32 ahead of Louse B. Dalgaard in 30.93 and Kelly Riber Rasmussen in 31.01. The Danish time standard for Herning 2013 is 31.28 in this event, so they should all be on that roster.  See the result list here.

Men’s 50 freestyle

This was the tough one tonight, with the time standard for Herning 2013 being 22.05, with best seated Magnus Westermann having an entry time of ‘only’ 22.25. Andreas Schiellerup won in 22.12, Anders Blume second in 22.22, Frederik Siem Pedersen third in 22.28 and Magnus Westermann fourth in 22.45, none of them under the required time for the individual event, but maybe good enough to make the relay. See the result list here.

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