Aalborg 4:00.21 and a new Danish record in the 4×100 medley

Tonight at the West-Danish Regional Short Course Championships in Aarhus, Aalborg’s elite team led by Mie Østergaard Nielsen demolished the Danish (club) record in the women’s 4×100 medley, with a time of 4:00.21 replacing Swim Team Odense’s Danish record of 4:03.06 from the Danish Short Course Championships in 2009, then featuring Rikke Møller Pedersen in the breaststroke. The Danish national team record is 3:49.87, from when they won gold at the Istanbul 2012 World Short Course Championships.

Aalborg’s split times now were Mie Ø. Nielsen 57.35 – Louise B. Dalgaard 1:08.6* – Mathilde Pugholm Hvid 59.7* and Julie Levisen 54.38 (*the breaststroke and butterfly splits apparently a bit messed up of technical reasons, see the result list)


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