Kirsty Coventry mugged in Harare, on antiretroviral medication now

According to Kirsty Coventry herself on Facebook

After landing in Harare on Saturday night, 4 to 5 men smashed the back window of our vehicle in an attempt to steal our luggage.
My sister and I were sitting behind my fiancé and her husband, who was driving. My sister grabbed my 2yr old niece and 5yr old nephew and I threw myself into the back of the vehicle to try hold onto our bags. Whilst wrestling with one of the men over our suitcases, I cut myself on the shattered glass. Unfortunately, so did one of the thieves.

My fiancé and brother-in-law were able to jump out and chase after these guys managing to catch one of them. The others got away with 1 bag. It was late at night and very scary, but thankfully we are all okay.
I’m now having to take antiretroviral medication. The ARVs may be unnecessary, but HIV is a serious problem in Africa and you can never be too careful. I understand how desperate these men must be to do this, but that does not make it right.
So many people are struggling in their daily lives and instead of stealing from each other and creating terror for others, we should be working together to create jobs and helping each other.


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