Norwegian swimmers struck by strike


Returning from the Debrecen 2012 European Swimming Championships, coach Finn Zachariassen and swimmer Sindri Þór Jakobsson came to closed doors at their Bergen base, all municipality swimming pools closed because of strike. This is of course a major crisis, with Jakobsson vying for an Olympic spot at the Dutch Open in Amsterdam in two weeks. They make do with dryland for the time being, crossfit and bicycling, but have to find a wetter solution fast. Via

Update: Jakobsson has found water, but the rest of the team is still struggling, see comment.



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  1. Sindri have found water – at Os the small neighboring village to Bergen. Osbadet is privately run, and a pool that Sindri actually rates higher than his normal pool Sentralbadet (of 1961). It’s also not a much greater distance for Sindri to travel, if any, as he live in Fana, close to Os.

    For coach Finn though, the true worry is for the rest of his training group ahead of national champs in july. Osbadet cant accomodate them all, and if they could, the infrastructural challenges would be to much for most.

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