Manaudou fears 3rd strike having missed 2 drug tests

DSC_0107-1France’s former Olympic champion and now again qualified swimmer Laure Manaudou said in a newspaper interview published on Monday that she is living with the threat of suspension after missing two drug tests this season.

“That means that if I miss another one I would be suspended,” she was quoted as saying.

“In people’s minds, it’s like a positive test,” she added, saying that she had been “permanently stressed” ever since about missing a third test, which could effectively end her Olympic hopes.

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    National Technical Director for France Christian Donze, noted that his swimmers know that they must be “detectable for one hour between 6am and 11pm 365 days a year. Manaudou revealed that she often provides a range of midday to 1pm or 8pm to 9pm as times when testers can call knowing here whereabouts. Her brother Florent opted for 6am to 7am knowing he would be in bed at that time and would not miss the testers’ call. Sister Laure told the paper with a smile: “I did not want me to wake up at 6 am for a blood test.” In the realm of those who must be on standby to provide blood and urine in an effort to catch cheats, Manaudou is far from being alone on a list of swimmers with two strikes against their name.

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