CC photo #55: Blue hair at Køge Open 2007

A young Faroese swimmer at the annual Køge Open at Køge Svømmeland, Denmark, sort of the ‘B-meet’ of the Danish Short Course Championships, strengthened by participation from foreign clubs. Funny how time flies … to do well there was almost the peak of our international ambitions back in 2007, and now it is London 2012.

Blue hair at Køge Open 2007


One response to “CC photo #55: Blue hair at Køge Open 2007”

  1. The guy who has London as his No’1 goal, was in Melbourne that year (2007)
    So I guess there were swimmers who changed their mindset back in 2005-2006.
    But it is amazing to see where we are now, and that a 4th. place at worlds in shanghai (2011) was disapointing :-)

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