Month: June 2011

  • Woman’s body goes unnoticed for 2 days in public-run pool ?!?

    This is crazy, 36-year-old Marie Joseph had not been seen since Sunday, when youngsters who jumped over a fence Tuesday night for a clandestine swim found her body floating in the Fall River Veterans Memorial Pool. Via

  • Is Franca kicking fly here ?

    I cannot see it, but then I don’t have the sharp eyes of a world-class breaststroker for all swimmers.. Please correct me if I’m wrong but is Franca(Lane5) kicking fly in the last 15meters? than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyCameron van der BurgCameronvdburgh

  • Jellyfish force nuclear plant to shutdown

    High volumes of jellyfish forced the Torness nuclear plant in Scotland to shutdown for two days after swimming into its seawater filters. I say 90% water 1 – Greenpeace 0 !! :-P See video here on BBC News Scotland. Jellyfish from Alex Mazzucca on Vimeo.

  • YouTube to LIVE stream the IPC European Championships

    YouTube, the world’s leading online platform for watching and sharing videos, is to host live coverage from the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Swimming European Championships which start this weekend in Berlin, Germany. It will be the first time Paralympic Sport has been live streamed on YouTube and follows the success of the IPC’s YouTube channel…

  • Adlington suffers from OCD, can’t stand odd numbers

    I think that I have found a kink in Rebecca Arlington’s armor. Attack with for instance three laps to go, and she will have to wait a lap before starting her pursuit ;-) The 22-year-old swimmer is only comfortable with even numbers. She said: “It’s odd numbers in particular. I can only set my alarm…

  • Swimming Coach wanted for Iran’s national team

    FINA announces here that the I.R. Iran Amateur Swimming Federation is looking for a high-level Swimming Coach for their national team. They are currently working with 14 foreign coaches, interested coaches can send their application and/or questions to the I.R. Iran Amateur Swimming Federation directly. As posted in February, they have a brand new National…

  • Behold, the Seabreacher dolpin-like submarine

    Outfitted with a 1500cc engine, a watertight cockpit and six dolphin-like fins, the Innespace Seabreacher redefines personal watercraft. The 17-foot vessel can reach 50 mph on flat water, cruise beneath the surface, and launch 18 feet in the air. It’s also got and iPod-compatible sound system and a digital periscope. Looks a bit tail-heavy, but…

  • Seebohm hospitalized with stomach illness

    After a bout with swine flu that left her out of all but one race at the 2011 Australian World Championship Trials, Emily Seebohms 2011 has once again been derailed by illness Read more here on the

  • Wittstock to become Princess of Monaco

    Yes, we can certainly manage another Charlene Wittstock video, before the wedding on Saturday :-) Source: