Is Dancing With The Stars bigger than an Olympic medal ?

Jan Jeppesen executive editor of Amager Bladet lunges out against the his fellow Danish press in today’s editorial, stating that even though Jeanette Ottesen won an European silver medal last summer and a World bronce this winter, she only gets DKK 10.000 (appr. USD 1867) a month from Team Danmark and struggles with finding additional financial sponsors, because her brand is so weak. She could earn more if she participated in shows like Dancing With The Stars, but has chosen to focus instead on the Olympic Games in London 2012, which will then be her last.

That Ottesen is a bigger name in Sweden, Australia and USA is maybe not surprising, as danish media has grown immune to clearing broadcast channels and newspaper front pages when a Danish swimmer wins a World Championship medal, while gladly using user licens money on 6 hours of buildup for a soccer match. Jeanette Ottesen’s example is not unique. Ambitious and serious athletes drop out because they cannot ‘sell tickets’ as involuntary comedians in prime time. In the old days – and that is not so long ago – Danish sport stars could clear broadcast channels and newspaper front pages. Back then the media had the energy to focus on the sports content.

Jeanette Ottesen on the podium in Dubai


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