Month: March 2010

  • 10x1min Sprint As Good As Hours Of Endurance?

    Researchers at McMaster University in Canada believe that the body can get as much benefit from ten short but intensive bursts of exercise, as it can from hours of moderate traning. HIT or “high intensive interval training” involves running or cycling (or swimming?) at almost maximum effort for a minute and then resting for about…

  • Reuse Your Pool As A Dryland Area

    Belgium-based Hydrofloors enable you to reuse your pool as a dryland area, by elevating the pool floor vertically, and collapsing the pool steps. The height of the pool may be elevated to any pre-selected water depth, and it even saves energy cost for heating, when fully elevated.

  • Severinsen Sets World Record Under Ice

    Danish freediver Stig Åvall Severinsen set a new world record last Saturday the 6th of March, swimming 72 meters under ice in one breath. This was in lake Knudsoe near Ry in Denmark.  The former world record was 57.5 meters, swum by Wim Hof of the Netherlands in March 2001.

  • Site Relaunched

    Right, I have now switched content management system here, from Drupal to WordPress. All content has been migrated, except for a few spam comments, and I have tried to recreate the rest of the functionality as best as possible. With the biggest problem being, that the permalinks have changed a bit, from listing the month…